Your gear needs,


No matter what your gear, we offer a comprehensive solution to all your repair and service needs. From the most humble of guitars, up to vintage and one of a kind pieces, we discriminate against no gear. By offering a complete solution to your gear servicing needs, you can save the time and hassle of having to speak to several repairers to meet your tonal goals.





We treat all guitars with the same care and attention, from players guitars to vintage pieces.


Not only do we know the typical style of guitar, we also have the knowledge and skill to work on your extended range guitars, multiscale guitars and more.


No matter your playing style or guitar choice, we can get it playing its best.

Whether you like a simple one pickup wonder, fretless groover or multi octave modern player, we understand what you're after.


We know basses are more than just guitars tuned lower and approach them from a different angle.



Doesn't matter if you have a single channel, one knob tone machine or the latest multichannel modern marvel, we can get them sounding their best.


If you have an amp that you want to do something beyond what it does now, we offer a range of mods to most all amps.

If it's got a footswitch and makes your guitar do something else, we can fix it and mod it.


Vintage units and modern units alike are welcome on our bench.


We also offer a plethora of mods from simple modern updates (true bypass and DC power mods) to tone shaping and more.

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