Kubicki Factor Bass Bridge Rebuild

Author: Six   Date Posted:26 April 2021 

Well after 30 years of gigging and touring, this Kubicki Factor Bass needed a bridge rebuild. These were a very unique headless bass design from the late Philip Kubicki that used a set of large machined wheels to wrap the strings around. Over time these wheels can wear out with the strings no longer able to stay in the holes. 

Philip was no stranger to innovation having worked at Fender for a number of years and helping to develop the Thinline Telecaster and the first rosewood Tele and Strat, alongside their first archtop guitars the Ltd and Montego. Eventually after leaving Fender, he started his own company and started manufacturing the Factor and Ex Factor basses. 

The Fender connection was made again in the late 80s when demand outstripped what Kubicki could keep up with and a licensing deal was reached where Fender would make the core Factor 4 and 5 string models. This particular bass is one of these Fender made models. 

The bridge was disassembled, cleaned, and lubricated and the new tuning wheels installed. Once it was all back on the body, some fret polishing and tweaking done, it was playing like a dream. 

There isn't much we can't sor out here in the repair department, so if your gear needs some love get in touch.

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Same problem

By: on 27 September 2022
I hope they can fix it soon in NY

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