Dr Gear originally started as a repair business, offering repairs and service to direct customers as well as various music stores across Sydney. We still offer all of those services here in house, so there's no middle man to deal with and no over inflated costs and turnaround times. 

From simple setups and retubes through to major repairs to instruments and electronics, Dr Gear has you covered. 

We always strive to get repairs done in the most expedient manner so you don't have to wait to make music. We know how frustrating it can be to have to wait 6 weeks for a simple amp repair, or 2-3 weeks for a setup. No need to make an appointment or go to a random house, just bring your gear to the store during shop hours and speak directly to the person who will handle your gear and bring it back to life.


Setups $80 plus strings
Jack repairs from $25
Pickup installation from $50
Fret dressing $250 plus strings
Nuts from $100
Refrets from $550
Major repairs such as headstock repairs, neck resets and more are subject to estimate


Servicing and retubing $80 plus tubes
Amp repairs from $100
Amp mods subject to estimates
240V conversions subject to quote


Jack replacement from $25
Switch replacement from $30
Mods subject to estimate

Pro audio, electric piano, organ and custom work charged at the hourly rate.