The best guitar, amplifier, pedal and synth repairs in Sydney

We've been repairing guitars, basses, amps, pedals and pro audio for a decade and can give your gear the best service it can get. Whether you need a guitar setup, a refret or pickups installed, we're able to make your instrument play and sound its best. If you need an amp repair, pedals that need fixing or pro audio gear that's sick, we'll make light work of it and can trouble shoot even the most technical pieces of gear. 

Guitar & bass repairs


Regular excluding cost of strings - $40
Complex restrings (12 string guitars, mandolins etc) - $65


Full setups excluding strings - $150 
Setup includes; adjust action and intonation, polish up frets, clean electronics, tighten all hardware, set the truss rod relief, ensure optimum bridge radius, cut nut slots to the correct height and width, clean and polish

Fret work

Frets unfortunately don't last forever and when they're starting to cause buzz and intonation issues, it's best to get them repaired sooner rather than later. A fret dressing can give your existing frets a fresh profile for no buzz and excellent action. If they're a little more worn, then refretting is the next step and gives your guitar a fresh start and the option to change your fret profile and material if you so choose. Bring your guitar or bass in for an assessment and find out just how good your guitar can play. 

Fret dress including setup - $300

Fret dress includes; level and crown frets, polish frets to mirror like finish, remove any sharp edges on the frets, perform full setup and recut the nut slots to the right height for new fret height. In the event of frets being loose, gluing and clamping may be necessary and charged separately. 

Spot level and crown - $80 per fret

If you have a single fret that is higher than the others and causing buzz and affecting the potential action available, we can level and crown frets on an individual basis on top of the standard setup costs.

Refrets - POA

When your frets are worn beyond a certain point, the only option left is a refret. If your frets just don't do what you want them to, a different material or fret size can make your guitar feel like a whole new one. Nickel silver frets, stainless steel frets and Evo Gold frets are all available. We can also do sideways fret removal on pre 1982 Fender guitars. All refrets include a new hand fabricated bone or Graphtech nut and full setup. 

Instrument Electronics Repair

Whether you've got faulty electronics that need some attention, or you want custom wiring and switching we've got the know how to make your wildest ideas come to life. We can supply and install electric and acoustic pickups and preamps from a range of major brands including Seymour Duncan, LR Baggs, Fishman and more.

Input jack replacement - from $35 plus parts
Pot replacement - from $35 plus parts
Pickup installation - from $70 plus parts
Switch replacement - from $50 plus parts
Custom wiring - POA

General instrument repairs

We can do all kinds of repairs and modifications to a range of instruments. Contact us about what you need done and we'll be glad to advise you on what can be done.

Amplifier, synthesizer & electronics repairs


We can fix amps, pedals, synths and pro audio gear going all the way back to the 30s. Tube amps, solid state gear, even modern DSP tech isn't too much for us.

Bench fee

All repairs will attract a bench fee to give us a chance to assess the device and figure out what needs doing. This is non refundable and payable on dropping off the equipment.

Amp & pro audio repairs - $120 which covers the first hour of labour
Pedal repairs - $60 which covers the first half hour of labour

Mods and custom electronics

If you've got a tone in your head or wanting to add functionality to a piece of gear that it currently lacks, contact us to have a chat about what we can offer. 

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