Dr Gear, your one stop shop for tonal maintenance!

We do most all repairs in our own repair department with classical instrument repairs handled by trusted co workshops. Unlike most music stores, repairs are what we started with. More than just the allen key monkey you may be used to, our expert advice and experience covers everything from setups through to complete rebuilds. No longer do you need to make 3 trips to repair gear at 3 different places. 

We're also warranty and service agents for a number of large brands. Always striving for a quick turnaround and fair price, trust Dr Gear for your service needs.

Guitar/Bass Servicing & Repair

  • Setups $80 plus strings no surcharges for different bridges
  • Fret dress and crown including setup $250
  • Jack replacement from $25
  • Pot replacement from $20
  • Refrets from $550
  • Headstock repairs from $250
  • Pickup installation from $50
  • New nuts from  $17

Amp & Electronic Repair

  • Pedal jacks from $25
  • Pedal switches from $30
  • Amp retube and biasing $80
  • Electronic repairs $100/hr
  • Custom amp builds, ask for a quote

Custom Pedalboards

  • Starting from $250
  • Custom routing options
  • Custom cable looms and runs
  • Custom junction boxes and pedal mods