About Us

Dr Gear was established originally as a repair business servicing a range of music stores across Sydney, as well as direct customers. After waiting weeks for a simple amp repair to be done at a large music store, the decision was made to offer some repairs from a home workshop. Word soon spread with customers shocked at the speedy turnaround and direct communication. Setups, amp repairs, mods and more. It was all done.

From day one every piece of gear that came through was given the same level of care and attention, offering a one stop shop for tonal maintenance. Soon the workshop outgrew the garage it started in, and a deal was struck with one of the music stores to share a premises. From this location, customers could access repairs and mods without prior booking and within 12 months the workshop grew again. The scope of works expanded to include workshops, Hammond and pro audio servicing and more.

When all music stores surrounding Dr Gear ceased trading by the end of 2018, the decision was made to apply this eye for detail and customer service to retail. With a simple philosophy of gear for players at every price, everything we sell must first pass our standards of quality. There are certain brands we won't deal with, instead focussing on lesser known players brands that offer unparalleled value and quality.

Tuition was the next offering, our focus on offering tuition to every student young and old. The tuition department was spun off into its own premises due to rapid expansion.

We still offer repairs and more here in store and that allows us to offer you a better buying experience. From the day you buy your gear, to your regular servicing and even when luck runs out and repairs are needed, we've got you covered. 

If there's anything you would like to know, we're always there to answer your queries to the best of our abilities. 

Dr Gear