Fender Twin Reverb II Rivera Era Amp (Used)

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Fender Twin Reverb II. This was the final amp designed and made at Fender using the original eyelet board construction. Designed by the legendary Paul Rivera, this amp is a perfect matching of the classic Fender Twin cleans with a modern drive channel that is extremely useable across the whole sweep. The clean channel is loud and proud and pure Fender with a massive low end and clear highs. Push it hard and it starts breaking up like the AB763 circuit. The dirt channel is a gain stacked behemoth with a switchable mid boost that pushes the channel into the classic hot rodded amp tone with surprising levels of definition. This was one of the first Fender amps to feature an active effects loop with its own send and return levels. It can also be used as an extra pair of gain stages for insane amounts of gain. FInally it's got the classic Fender spring reverb for when you need that big drip. 

This amp has been rebuilt with the following work done;
Completely recapped with TAD and F&T caps and new dropper resistors in the HT supply
New screen grid resistors 
New effects return pot
Upgraded mains to modern safety standards
Sourced an original rare footswitch for channel and reverb
Upgraded bias circuit with bias control and balance control

This is an amp that's ready for another 40+ years of work and will peel paint from the walls where needed. The only negative to note on this amp is some aesthetic matters such as the tolex starting to bubble from the side of the amp and underneath and the typical dust and discolouration from many years of existence. Amp has removable castors for moving around. Due to the weight of the amp, shipping may be somewhat expensive to certain areas. 


SKU 341463
Brand Fender

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