Thomastik BC64C Belcanto Bass Orchestra 3/4 C1 Extension String

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Thomastik Belcanto for Double Bass Orchestra

Belcanto is the number one choice for Orchestra players. They allow a multitude of possibilities to blend in while offering the focus and projection bass players need to stand out.

You will love their smooth, dark and warm sound, beautiful clarity as well as excellent resonance. They impress with a vast spectrum of tone colours, a precise and powerful intonation and abundant modulation in all ranges.

Because of their unique steel rope core design, they settle in very quickly and convince with extreme tuning stability.

These strings offer quick bow response for the classical music repertoire but also natural pizzicato for Jazz. The left hand feel is gentle and engaging, and they feel soft under your fingers.

With only moderate effort, they give you outstanding projection.

Francho Petracchi, Ödön Racz, Petru Iuga, Edicson Ruiz, Julius Darvas and many more.


Available Sizes | Gauges

 3/4 | medium


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Double Bass Orchestra 3/4 vibrating string length 104cm | 40.9"
Usable from 103cm / 40.6", up to 110cm / 43.3"

NR. Core Material Outer Material Tailpiece End   kg lb Peg End              
DTBC61 G Sol I Rope Core Chrome Wound Al. CB              28.3 62.4                         
DTBC62 D Re II Rope Core Chrome Wound Al.  CB              28.8 63.5                         


La1 III Rope Core Chrome Wound Al. CB              29.3 64.6                         
DTBC64 E1 Mi1 IV Rope Core Chrome Wound Al. CB              28.8 63.5                         
DTBC64C C1 Do1 IV Rope Core Chrome Wound Al. CB              32.0 70.5                         
DTBC65 H2 Si2 V Rope Core Chrome Wound Al. CB              29.5 65.0                         


SET NR. DTBC600            
DTBC61; DTBC62; DTBC63; DTBC64            
MEDIUM 115.2 kg | 254 lb                          


Click here to download the Thomastik guide / glossary of terms

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